A marked strength of Les Solutions Intrasoft is found in its Network Solutions. All the expertise and experience that the team members have acquired on digital network and telecommunication is a definite added value that positions the company on the market of efficient and cost-effective solutions.
Les Solutions Intrasoft can set up your network system, improve your existing network if needed, make all physical connections, manage your network; Intrasoft offers the expertise required to analyze your network and solve any performance or operation problem.

  • Network Consulting
    Setting up a network requires structuring and designing to allow a company to fully benefit from the technology as well as plan its future growth according to its specific needs. We can also manage the additional purchase and set-up of required components to complete the installation of a local, national or international network.
       We can perform an inter-company Internet connection, configure gateways, firewalls and install all software related to Internet services. We are able to connect a whole office to the Internet through a single telephone line and a simple modem that will allow each user direct access to the Internet.
  • Network Administration
    Les Solutions Intrasoft offers to take charge of your network maintenance : server management, security, access to data and resources, automated systems such as data back-ups, disk optimization, and set-up of routine operation self-check on equipment and network.
    Les Solutions Intrasoft can help you upgrade your computer stations, servers, peripherals and network equipment. We have the tools to check your equipment for its Y2K readiness.
    Les Solutions Intrasoft also offers technical service and support within a four hour time period. Call us for more details.
  • Software Installation and Training
    All the proposed solutions in our “porte-folio” can be implemented and supported as needed. We can assist you during start-up and also provide on site training.  This is how IntraSoft is adding value to the whole product line.