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Message Sniffer Anti-Spam With Annual Subscription

Message Sniffer Anti-Spam With Annual Subscription

Message Sniffer™ is a powerful Email Scanning Engine that uses advanced pattern recognition technology and a regularly updated rules database to accurately identify spam. The software is designed for easy integration into a broad range of existing email platforms and spam elimination products and is available as a SDK to OEMs and ISPs. Message Sniffer™ currently protects more than 35,000 businesses and over 5 million mailboxes worldwide.

Message Sniffer™ captures up to 99% of spam when implemented in a managed environment. Our system is designed for high-availability production systems and virtually eliminates client-side software or configuration changes. Most new features and enhancements are delivered automatically, which results in low maintenance installation, lowered administration costs, and higher reliability. In addition, continual system enhancements and delivery updates are provided at no extra cost to users.

The Message Sniffer™ software is compatible with Windows, Linux and BSD operating systems, integrating easily with most email server or spam filtering platforms. Automated systems (Rule-Bots) and people (Rule-Techs) collaborate to produce and fine-tune filtering rules, allowing Message Sniffer™ to evolve rapidly and retain what it learns. New and refined rules continually update the fully automated and configurable Message Sniffer™ rules database.

Price : CAN$614.10