On September 26th, 2006,  Ipswitch  Inc and IntraSoft  hosted  the first edition of their Technology Focus Seminar.   Ipswitch is the manufacturer of the famous WS_FTP Pro data management tool, as well as the IMail Server and the award winning network monitoring solution WhatsUp Pro.  

Ipswitch is celebrating their 15 years in business this year.  They wanted to share this exciting moment by offering technology seminars all around the globe.  This was the very first event in Quebec so far.

is free Ipswitch Technology Focus Seminars (TFS) addressed  the challenges and opportunities small and mid-sized businesses face in understanding and using networking technology, not just from a technology standpoint, but from a business standpoint. TFS are different because they are aimed squarely at owners, managers and IT professionals at small and midsized companies.

This Ipswitch TFS event 
 also presented the latest Ipswitch products, including the latest release of WS_FTP Professional, and demonstrating their application to business technology problems like secure data management, communication, network discovery and monitoring.


We would like to thank all the participants and our hosts from Ipswitch Inc.: 

      Mr David Karp, Ipswitch Director of Marketing  

      Mr Greg Paul, Product Marketing Manager for Network Monitoring

      Mr Nick Dictakis, Channel Marketing Manager 

    For more details, please don't hesitate to contact us:

    Stephan Chayer, IntraSoft Inc or Nick Dictakis, Ipswitch Inc.
     Email: tfs2006@intrasoft.net   Tel: (450) 581-2297 

  Ipswitch Technology Focus Seminars 2006Intrasoft